Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Posts from the Sangin Community- More British in MTP, and Terrain!

Following on from Matt's British last week, I got sent some pictures from Pat of his British, with yet another way of painting MTP!

Pat painted them using Humbrol Enamels (he calls himself "old school"!) I am sure if you would like the Humbrol list (for the other enamel-painting types out there), Pat will be able to share.

A big thanks to Pat for sending the pictures through, he had this to say...

As you can see I've got two moving Fireteams & one kneeling team, although I've got more figures to paint up, plus all of Empress Brit 06 so the exact teams will change. I saw the new Empress Brit 08 & 09 at the SELWG show, really cool especially the female medic and the vallon mine sweeper- but they weren't available, real shame but will order them later along with some of the new Taliban (good Christmas present, they will beat socks!).

So there you have it, another way of painting MTP! I like the nice mix of colours that Pat has used- it certainly looks the business!

Pat also sent through some WIP shots of his next batch of British, showing off some very neat greenstuff work!

Along with his British, Pat also sent through some images of a piece of terrain he is working on...

I for one, love how this terrain looks. It is made from 5mm foam board and are mounted on 3mm White Foamed-PVC (MDF works as well). Pat went with a pan-middle eastern white stucco paintjob, which has come out really nicely. For me, it is all about the fruit stands, the tiling, the white walls, I like it right down to the three colours of doors. Apparently it is a work in progress but I think it looks darn good as it is, and with the internal details (furniture) Pat is talking about it will look even better!

This is all just reminding me that I need to make more terrain.....

So now that we have three different ways of painting British MTP, so where is the love for the other ISAF nations? Surely you can't ALL be playing British... right? We must be due some other ISAF nations, or even some more Taliban? Send us through what you have finished through to chris@skirmishsangin.com, things like AAR's, ORBATs, Scenarios, Painting, Terrain and we will share them with the whole community.



  1. wow that building is just amazing, and loving the detail on the brits :)

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    2. Thanks Matt, just got to finish off the interior before I move onto the rest of the British!

  2. Hi Pat - would you mind sharing the colours used? I like the more muted effect of your MTP interpretation,

  3. Hi Dan
    No problem, all Humbrol Enamels except where indicated.
    All over base coat & Boots Hum: 72 Khaki Drill
    1st large pattern Vallejo 70857 Golden Olive
    2nd Large pattern & Glove pads Hum: 110 Natural Wood
    1st Squiggle & Equipment Hum: 102 Army Green
    2nd Squiggle Hum: 98 Chocolate
    3rd Squiggle Hum: 147 Light Grey
    Boot covers Hum: 93 Desert Yellow
    Chin straps Hum: 159 Khaki Drab
    Gloves & Slings Hum: 83 Ochre
    SA80A2 Plastic bits (Green) Hum: 31 Slate Grey
    SA80A2 Plastic bits (Sand) Hum: 84 Mid Stone
    Turned up sleeves Vallejo 857 & 988 a 50:50 mix
    Helmet Bands, scrim net Any Humbrol green
    Velcro & edges on the body armour & packs Hum: 119 Light Earth