Friday, 3 October 2014

After Action Report- SEALs hunting a bomb maker

Last weekend Colin and I played through another of the scenarios from the forthcoming Despatches II. This time, the scenario was all about a SEAL team ambushing a bomb maker as he lays an IED. The ambush is happening at night, so the SEALs have the advantage of their NVGs.

I brought the SEAL team you saw earlier in the week:

The scenario was that the SEALs started the game on table, lying in wait for the bomb maker, who had to come out and lay two IEDs.

SEALs in position:

The bomb maker advancing into position, then beginning to lay the bomb:

Now, reading the one sentence introduction, you might be thinking "That sounds odd Pooch, why would he be setting up 2 IEDs? How could the Taliban win the game? Well, those are both very good points. And that is where Colin and I got to very quickly! Basically the bomb maker walked on, then he got shot at, and then ran off the table.

Game over.

Was it fun? No.

So Colin and I took the scenario apart, and rewrote it. While we might consider ourselves to be rules writing super heroes, more often than not how we think things work in our heads, really isn't how things work on table. You can't be too precious about it, sometimes, things just don't make for a fun game!

Game Take 2

The bomb maker is just finishing up laying an IED, with his small protection team around him. Unbeknownst to them, a team of SEALs is lying in ambush positions, ready to capture the bomb maker.

The SEALs moved into position, getting eyes on the bomb maker.

Unfortunately, one of the Taliban had been eating all his carrots, and spotted one of the SEALs as he moved into position. The eagle-eyed Taliban shot.... and rolled a 12 to hit. When he needed a 14. Sigh. Damage? Lots. Armour Save? Not lots. Net result? One SEAL down, and the Talibs know that there are SEALs about!

Colin is becoming alarmingly good at shooting first!

With the first shots fired, the bomb maker saw his opportunity to escape. With his reserves arriving at one end of the road, he thought he would leg it the other way while the SEALs were distracted.

Pictured: A distracted SEAL, as he engages multiple hostiles, picking off the heavy weapons

The bomb makers escape was somewhat cut short as his attempt at running full pace was met with a crowd of civilians, tripping him up...
Yes, he really did trip up, right next to the civilians!

While this was going on, one of the Taliban had managed to bring a PKM to bear, engaging the SEALs, who's light body armour no help against the heavy caliber bullets.

The bomb maker had managed to disentangle himself from the civlians, and continued his mad dash away from the SEALs. He didn't count on the SEALs superior fitness, one of the team was able to not only run the bomb maker down, but also managed to subdue him.
Behind you!

While the bomb maker was being quickly escorted off the table, the remaining SEAL slipped quietly away.

And with that, the game was over!

The mission is much better now (you will be pleased to hear!), it is a quick and easy game, one which can easily be played due to the small numbers of troops on table. I know that you are going to love playing this one, it is pretty darn fun trying to chase down the bomb maker and arrest him!

Hoping to get another game in next weekend, there are still a couple of scenarios which we haven't shared yet. There is one in particular which I really think you are going to like.....



  1. Thanks for the AAR. Even the short and sweet one. Minis look great.

  2. Quick knife edge games can be the most fun, thanks for the aar

  3. Yes, the second game is more interesting than the first one :) Great idea for an scenario!

  4. looks great where did you get the Perspex tokens?

    1. The tokens are our own design, they will be available very soon!