Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Natcon 2014 in Christchurch

Colin and Craig are off in the motherland for Salute (their report is to come!), but all is not lost for those of us here in New Zealand.

I am off to Christchurch to take down a demo table of Skirmish Sangin. Luckily for me, I enlisted some local support to help show off the cool game that is Sangin.

Along with rulebooks, Despatches I and miniatures, I thought I would bring with me a mission, on debut from the forthcoming book Despatches II.

The mission is a cool one, and involves one of these....

Friendly little critter isn't it?

So come and say hello if you are a local Sangin player, and see one of the future scenarios in play!

As for those who are a bit too far away, you will be able to catch this new scenario in Despatches II, which we are planning to release later this year.....