Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Adam- MARSOC Update

Adam has sent a whole host of pictures, along with his plans for what to do with his force. Additionally, he has provided some great MARSOC and Afghan Commando images.

Hi there, Adam here, back with an update finally.

I’ve got my awesome Eureka Afghan National Police minis and they look great. My initial plan is to take a couple of the guys with ‘Fidel’ (Actually called Ridgeway, and later patrol or Ranger) caps and turn them into berets. Mostly because Afghan Army Commandos look cooler! They could also use a few more random pouches and packs but I will green stuff them up. They will still have the Hungarian AMD’s, but I try to be less of a pedant these days. I’m not joking, really, I am trying! (What some may call an obsession for accuracy makes Adam our go to for firearms related questions. Which is probably not helping him be less of a pedant, but it gets our questions answered accurately!- Ed)

Thanks to Pooch I have a Ford Ranger to paint up like an ANA truck (Cheers mate!)

I plan on being able to field a force of three or four Marines and five or six ANA Commandos.

For my MARSOC operators, I can use some of my existing Marines, but I will certainly be taking the opportunity to give them a repaint with some Woodland Camo to match the ANA.

A full team is similar in size to an US Army Special Forces A team of twelve, and has similar training and capabilities. Lately they have mostly augmented SF on the Foreign Internal Defense mission in Afghanistan, training and mentoring ANA and ANP units. Like a lot of special operations forces they have used a lot of motorcycles and four wheel ATV’s to help with their tactical agility as well as hauling gear for long patrols.

One of my new minis is on an endure bike, with a headswap and woodland paintjob coming up.

Anyone interested in MARSOC should check out the upcoming Level Zero Heroes book and documentary. (which I really want a copy of!- Ed)

Next project will be a couple of ANP’s


Looking forward to seeing the beret equipped commandos! You have some great source material shots there- you are going to have to get out the greenstuff to make sure your marines have beards!


  1. Great planning; very interesting idea here!

  2. I am looking forward to see this on the table, we must have game next time I am in CHCH