Sunday, 23 August 2015

Israeli Attack Dolphins Competition

So its time to have a bit of fun.

Check out the link below

"Reportedly a cetacean commando working for the Israeli Defense Forces was caught by Hamas operatives as it was making suspicious movements off the coast of Gaza. When Hamas combat divers (I had no idea they had such a thing) examined the dolphin spy, they said it was strapped with a camera, a monitoring device and an spear shooting contraption capable of killing a human.
That is one deadly-ass dolphin."

We are offering two prizes, 1 for the best modelled attack dolphin or marine animal "sharks with Frick'n lasers" come to mind and  the second for writing the special rules needed for the Cetacean Commando. 

Prizes will be your choice of 4 packs of miniatures from our current range or any that will be delivered via the current Kickstarter.

Submit your entires on the forum at:

The competition ends on 31 August 2015

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