Sunday, 26 April 2015

Skirmish Sangin and Flytrap miniatures

We are very excited and pleased to announce today that Flytrap Factory has entered an agreement with Skirmish Sangin  to provide sets of figures for our free scenarios moving forward and will retroactively create packs for the ones we have already released. Our first joint release will be out later this week.

Here at Skirmish Sangin we realise there is more than just 28mm players out there and we thing the Flytrap factory offer some of the best 15mm figures and vehicles on the market. Skirmish sangin plays in all scales equally well.

Flytrap Factory has pledged to support the system moving forward with their new range of 1:100 scale moderns "Warfighter" miniature line with a host of new soon-to-be-released modern/ultra-modern miniature ranges. So if that's a scale your interested in watch this space. 

With Flytrap miniatures actively committed to releasing figures of extremely high quality we are very excited for what the future holds as our two "Made in New Zealand" companies continue ahead.