Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Forum or no forum

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Ok Guys and Gels,

This is us asking you for your opinions. We are frequently asked if there is a forum for Skirmish Sangin and indeed in the beginning we did set one up, but no one but us and a few hard core people posted to it and we felt those posts were better here on the blog. We tried for a number of months to get it active but to no avail.

Its probably the biggest single request we get from new people. So guys let me know if we start one back up a gain would anybody use it? Is it needed?

Or is it just a default question that people new to a period ask.

Speaking of periods in the latest Wargames Illustrated survey Modern Wargaming had risen from 4-6% while thats still quite small over all, it does show and increased interest in the period. Now taking into account that WI is virtually a Battlefront house magazine, so people go to it almost exclusively for Flames of War articles, we think the real rise is probably a lot more.

October 2013 stats

February 2015



  1. A forum can be useful for things like FAQs, rules interpretations and sharing of ideas, but only if it is regularly used/updated/contributed to. I would visit but would see it as a secondary supplement to what is on the blog, which would be my first port of call.

  2. Yes I would use the forum as I think they are very useful in building the community for the game.

  3. A forum would be a good place for the community to post AARs and show off their own terrain and miniatures. Frequently asked questions could also be collated for those new to the game and a general area to discuss real world military issues and tactics depicted in the game.

  4. I know that I had asked back in the humble 'Sangin' beginnings about a forum and the Yahoo group began around the same time. In the beginning of the group I was active on it as well as others but the interest in it declined, the question is was it due to a small following of the game at the time or a general dislike of the way Yahoo groups went. I know that I follow this blog and I would also follow the forum as well as chime in once in a while. As to the growth of modern gaming, look at what has happened since your ruleset came out, you have what looks like a good line of figures as well as some of the other manufacturers coming out with their own or expanding on theirs, you have grown globally to the point of having distributors in different countries and more. I say go with it and let your system grow from it. Cheers.

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  6. If the forum is alive and full of interesting things, yes, of course. There many question, new ideas, painting works, etc. waiting for a forum.

  7. I would also like a forum. If for nothing else than to see what other folks are doing.

  8. i prefer to use facebook groups, its conveniant and a little more personal.

  9. As a new reader of the rules (and think I am making a mistake in calculating a British Section), I would love to see a forum.

    Obviously it needs a certain critical mass and I don't know how many people play the game, but it could start out quite small and then grow as needed.

    I would propose initially 4 sections ; Rules & FAQs; Modelling (Figures, vehicles, terrain, buildings etc); AARs; and Everything Else (includes space for social chatting outside the scope of the game and helps to build community...

    Now, where do I post my questions about calculating British Sections ;-)

  10. I would certainly use a forum. I personally believe that the old Yahoo Group failed to get off the ground precisely because it was on Yahoo. For those of us (like me) with no previous experience I find Yahoo to be quite difficult to navigate.

    With the partial death of the Lead Adventure modern forum there is definitely a gap out there and I always like seeing people's projects that they are working on.


  11. Forum please. Discussion would be easier etc.

  12. We hear you... you want a forum, we are trying out a few tools and once we settle on one, we'll release it to the sangin community