Friday, 23 January 2015

We are back, and a new project!

Aaaaaaaand we are back!

So, with the holidays out of the way, the team is back to work, as well as back to progressing with Skirmish Sangin. Fear not, our time away was productive, we were able to do a lot of writing, so you won't have to wait until the end of the year for our next release- promise!

But we will update you more on that in the coming weeks, along with our plans for the blog for the year.

As for what I am working on, I have started a new project. Now, I really like gaming in 28mm. I have lots (possibly too many according to some) of 28mm figures, and it is the rule set for which the Skirmish Sangin rules were primarily written for (not that you have to use 28s, I know we have more than a few 20mm fans out there!).

So while I like my 28s, I have a real problem of table space.

This is my kitchen table, also known as my gaming table:

It does a stirling job as a table, doesn't wobble, great to use to serve roast dinners on and for me to get crushed by my wife at board games on. But it's just a bit small to be my ideal Skirmish Sangin table. It works well for smaller scale games, or close in city/compound fighting with a small number of troops each side. It would work for bigger games too, but I really like having space to maneuver.

With that in mind, I have started my new project to assist with that. If the table can't get bigger, then I will just make what I put on it smaller! There is an NZ company, Flytrap Factory which I knew had a small range of 15mm Moderns, suitable for Afghanistan. I was a very big Flames of War (another NZ company!) for a very long time, so 15mm was a bit of a homecoming for me.

So I have bought a few packs of the Flytrap Factory miniatures, enough to keep me out of trouble for a while!

So after some time spent assembling/priming/painting, I have managed to complete my first US Marine:

Apologies for the dark photos, my lighting source (the sun) didn't want to play ball for the photo!

So there it is, the start of my new project. More about it in the coming weeks!



  1. Very good news. I have a problem of table space too, only 36"x36" and I must deal with that. So, a game with much more miniatures but with the same amount of space, that's a great idea. And if you need a playtester, from France... ;)

    1. Thanks for the offer- we have a fair few projects on the go which may need playtesters soon, we will put a call out on the blog when the time is right!

      A 3"x3" board is plenty big enough for a game of Sangin in 28mm. You don't have to go the whole way out to the maximum range of an assault rifle to have a fun game, otherwise everyone's board is too small!

      With the right terrain, a 3x3 board can give you close games, deadly encounters where every move might be your last. It would be a great game at squad level (where Skirmish Sangin is at it's best I think). But if you put a platoon down, it might get a little cramped :)

  2. I'm a fan of the smaller scale. It's not so much that you can't have a great game on a 3x3 board in 28mm scale, because you obviously can. I feel that the smaller scale just gives more room for maneuver. That and the 1/72 scale stuff is like me: Cheap and easy.

    1. Completely agree with that. I'm a huge fan of the 28mm scale, but on a 3x3 table you're limited to a squad level.
      For the platoon level, you must use a bigger table or a smaller scale.
      So I'll buy some 1/72 or 15mm miniatures, Légion Étrangère of course, with VBL, VAB and all the stuff I can barely have with the 28mm scale.

  3. I'm not sure how easy it is to find a VAB in 15mm, but I had a very difficult time finding one in 1/72 or 20mm. The only place I found that had one was S&S.

  4. QRF models have a huge scale of 15mm minis, VAB, AMX10RC, AMX30bis but no VBL. Irishserb have the missing stuff, VBL, P4 and the old ERC90. But also Humvee, Bradley and AAV7A1.