Saturday, 13 December 2014

Dish Dash Taliban- Packs 1 to 3

We have finally received some copies of our 28mm Taliban miniatures (some of you got them before we did!). Naturally we thought we would paint up a set, to show off how good they look. As Craig and I are more than a bit busy at the moment, we passed over a set of 15 to our good buddy Ray (you have seen his French up here before).

He dutifully painted them up, and made an absolutely cracker job of it! In fact, I am confident I couldn't have done any better!

So here they are, our first three packs of Taliban

The whole group!

Taliban pack 1

Taliban pack 2

Taliban pack 3

And now for some close ups....

So the first two packs are available now, with the third pack on it's way soon. And I know that there are yet more on their way- so more than enough to create a great Taliban force. Especially using the Taliban ORBAT from Despatches II (also available now!)- I look forward to hearing some feedback on what people think!



  1. Great work guys. Must get myself a set.

  2. I have pack two, and I´m painting them, so I can say they are very figures, very nice.

  3. Fantastic figures the old Taliban are very popular....great work again

  4. Cant wait for pack 3 to be in the UK store :)

  5. When will pack 3 be available in the UK store? I want to buy all the Taliban together.