Friday, 26 September 2014

Alex McC- Painting Kiwis

So Alex has come back, we had a few issues with getting him a set of our Kiwi figures at the start (we had sold out of them completely at the time!), so he was a bit behind the rest of us in starting his Armies of Afghanistan project. But, he has managed to get some progress, showing off where his Kiwis are at!

Well, this project took a little backseat for a while, as real life tends to get in the way, and I was a little held up getting all the elements in place due to Salute, and other things!

So far, I've begun work on the first fire-team of Kiwis After some pretty exhaustive research, I've settled on a coyote-brown vest and pouches, and the two-colour desert uniform. They're progressing nicely, though I think the base colour for the uniforms may be a little yellow. Never too late to refine!

The figures themselves are lovely, and needed very little cleanup to have ready for paint. I have 3 more fire-teams to work my way through, as well as some putty work to convert some combat engineers, and a Military Working Dog team. The dog is still too early to show, but there's a conversion from the Zombicide dog set in the works, and it seemed appropriate to pick the Blue Heeler model!

I've also begun working on the Humvee for the patrol, this is a lovely piece a resin from Imprint/Empress Miniatures. I did a little sprucing up, added a ratchet clamp to the spare strap from a 1/35th kit, and made the strap out of super fine masking tape for some texture. The antenna is just a piece of brass rod, mounted into the cast bracket. I also felt it seemed a little naked with no side mirrors, so I bent some brass rod, and cut plastic sheet to make the mirrors. It worked out okay if you ask me!

That's it for now, but I now have more time to get things done!

I reckon the base colour will work out- it will look a whole lot less yellow when you put the brown splodges of colour onto it! And as for the Military Working Dog- that sounds like an awesome idea, you will definitely have to share some pictures of that.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing how these turn out.

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