Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pooch- Australian SAS Finished

Just to prove that I am actually painting soldiers, as well as having fun building cardboard MRAPs, here are some Australian SASR (Special Air Service Regiment) soldiers I finished recently.

They are from Empress Miniatures, and the full team of 6 is made up from their US Special Forces pack as well as a couple of single figures.

The sniper miniature is a single figure that used to be a freebie from them with a ruleset, but you can now buy it as a single figure. I didn't really like the head that it came with, so replaced it with one of the newer Auzzie helmets. Pretty simple really, but I like the figure a whole lot more now!

Enough for now, that sniper picture is really reminding me that I need a proper photography set up (natural light+desert coloured buildings = bright!)

What next? I have a few things I want to finish, so hopefully something soon....



  1. Look fantastic Pooch.
    What ever happend to the ASLAV you were working on?

    1. Thanks Spyros- as for the ASLAV, that is one of the things I want to finish, keep an eye out!

  2. Looking good Chris... Can't wait to fight them. :-)